Monday, December 11, 2006

Specialization is for insects.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, and die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
---Robert A Heinlein

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The 2 Envelopes

I arrive clutching 2 sealed envelopes labeled:
One contains all benefits I will enjoy from taking possession of my own mind and using it to get what I want.
The other carries a list of consequences if I neglect controlling my mind and have no worthwhile goals.
If I take possession of my mind and direct it toward desirable goals, I will enjoy:
1) Success consciousness which attracts only the circumstances which make for success
2) Sound health, both physical and mental
3) Finanical independence
4) A labor of love in which to express yourself
5) Peace of mind
6) Applied faith which makes fear impossible
7) Enduring friendships
8) Longevity and a well balanced life
9) Immunity from self-limitation
10) The wisdom to understand yourself and others
If I don't, I'll be doomed to:
1) Poverty and misery the entire life
2) Mental and physical ailments of all kinds
3) Self-limitations which trap you in mediocrity
4) Fear and all its destructive consequences
5) Hatred of the means by which you support yourself
6) Many enemies and few friends
7) Every brand of worry known to humanity
8) Being a victim of every negative influence you encounter
9) Subjection to the will of others
10) A wasted life which does nothing to better the human condition
If I do not make the first one and embrace it wholeheartedly, the second will be forced on me.
There is no halfway point, no compromise.
Which choice will I make?

My drum beat

Never wait for some outside force to trigger your actions.
Of course, you will have to respond to surprises and your competition.
But you must be moving forward accoriding to your own plan on a daily basis.
Feed your burning desire with images of your successful self.
Stoke its flames so high that they burn your seat.
So that you won't be able to sit back in your chair and take it easy when you ought to be following up on your work of the day before.

When a task is complete, examine it.
Is it the best job you could have done?
What might have made it better?
Why don't you take that step right now?
Personal initiative depends on your being alert to every opportunity and action on that opportunnity as soon as you discover it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ask Abi: Travelling in Airplanes

Travelling in airplanes can be a challenge due to the discomfort of air pressue and confined spaces. Here's how to plan and pack effectively when travelling with baby.

Time of travel
Choose flight timings that coincide with baby's usual sleeping time.
Before flying, engage baby in lots of physical activities at the airport (walking, carrying luggage...)
This will tire them and help them sleep after boarding the plane.
Remember to change baby's diaper just before boarding the plane.

Note: Try not to choose flights that reaches the destination in the morning.
It will be too early to check into most hotels.
Parents / babies that did not get a good rest on the flight will become really cranky.

What to pack in carry-on baggage
Some airline provide meals and amenity bags containing 2 diapers, bib, baby wipes, toy for babies travelling with them.
Check ahead so you don't need to overpack such items.

During take off and landing, air travel regulations require all bags to be stowed in overhead compartment.
So pack a smaller bag for essential items during such times when baby's bag is 'taken away'.

Smaller bag (put on seat and used during take off/landing)
* Baby bottle containing warm water (ready for making milk)
* 1 portion of baby milk formula
* 1 small bottle of juice
* Baby's favaourite boaster/toy/blanket
* Long sleave shirt in case baby gets cold during takeoff
* Dry/wet tissues
* Toy/book to amuse baby during boring takeoff
* Biscuit/ sweets for baby to chew on to lessen pressure in ear

Medium Carry on bag (put below seat)
* Enough diapers to sustain through flight + journey to hotel
* 1 extra baby bottle
* Milk formula seperated into portions
* Themos for making milk
* 2 extra sets of clothing in case baby makes a mess.
* 1 bottle baby food for baby in case baby hates airlines meals
* Detergent for cleaning baby bottle
* Tooth brush/face cloth/comb/ moisturiser
* Reading material for daddy/mommy
* Baby sling (for keeping baby close and warm when she sleeps)

Larger (cabin size) carry on bag (store in overhead)
* For storing bulky jackets worn at destination.
* Store in over head as soon as you board.
* Bag should preferbly have a zip so things won't roll out in overhead storage.
* Bag should also be foldable so it can be stored in medium bag when jackets are worn at destination.

Some airlines restrict the numbers of bags to bring on board.
Thus it is wise to choose and pack bags that can fit into the larger one.
It is easier to pack the medium bag in the larger one and remove it before storing the larger one)

Before landing
* Make sure baby has enough supplies to last through trip to hotel.
* Ask the stewardess to replenish hot water themos
* Ask for some bottled water
* Ask stewardess to wash all used bottles
* Prepare smaller bag and post-landing bag

* Help baby put on jacket
* Make sure you've packed everything
* Enjoy the trip

Ask Abi: Travelling with Baby: How to Pack

Tis the season for overseas holiday.

No daddy enjoy lugging around diapers and milk powder and other luggage half way across the globe. Daddy will be mad when he finds that he has to lug the same load back when mommy packed too much diapers/clothes for baby.

But it will be a nightmare should baby run out of Milk formula or diaper in the middle of the trip with no stores in sight!

Depending on where you are travelling to, heres a guide on how to pack for a diaper wearing, milk sucking baby like me.

Milk Powder
* Different country carry different 'versions' of milk powder even if they are of the same brand. If your baby is above 18mths, they can quickly tell the difference in taste and quickly reject the new country version. Check the country of manufacture on your current formula. Call the milk company to enquire about the availability/price of the same 'version' in your travel destination.
* Always pack extra. Because of the excitement of travel, baby might develope better appitite.
* Also check ahead if the country you are travelling to has restrictions on food items to be carried into the country.

* 3 bottles
* Detergent for washing bottle
* Small thermos for hot water.

* Observe how many diaper baby uses a day.
* Pack that number of diaper in individual packs for easy 'picking' when going out for sightseeing each day.
* Pack some extra bags in case you need to change baby in the car or anywhere without any dustbin nearby.
* Include small size wipes in the daily diaper packs.
* Carry one extra day of diaper (just in case)

* You don't want to overpack these.
If you don't want to use the expensive laundry services in hotels, you can pack some baby washing powder.
Below is a guide on the number of clothings to pack.

One for each day of trip
* Things that are worn in close contact to the skin.
1) socks (lots of walking, baby might get blisters)
2) innershirts/underwear

3 for whole trip
* Things worn over clothings to keep warm.
If need to, 1 set can be washed while 2 are still available
1) Bibs
2) Shirt with sleaves (long/short)
3) Pants (short/long)
4) Pajamas

1 for whole trip
1) Light sweater
2) Heavier jacket for autumn or winter seasons
3) Jeans
4) Shoes
5) Hat
6) Sunglasses

Other Items
1) Medicine (fever, cold, stomach upset)
2) Wet/dry tissues
3) Camera & charger & adapter for electrical socket
4) Hide a new toy baby has not seen before. This will keep baby amused at cranky times.
5) Biskets and treats for munching on the way.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ask Abi: Sound wise even when you are age 2.

Ever watch Starwars and wish were are like Yoda?
Sprouting words so profound that everybody thinks you are smart.

My mom thinks I look like Yoda.
So now I have to memorise the 30 phrases below.
When adults talk to me, I will quote them at random.

You can try it too.
The Creative Insights of Heraclitus

1) The cosmos speaks in patterns
2) Expect the unexpected, or you won’t find it.
3) Everything flows.
4) You can’t step into the same river twice.
5) That which opposes produces a benefit.
6) A wonderful harmony is created when we join together the seemingly unconnected.
7) If all things turned into smoke, the nose would become the discerning organ.
8) The Sun will not exceed its limits, because the avenging Furies, ,ministers of Justice, would find out.
9) Lovers of wisdom must open their minds to very many things.
10) I searched into myself.
11) Knowing many things doesn’t teach insight.
12) Many fail to grasp what’s right in the palm of their hand.
13) When there is no sun, we can see the evening stars.
14) The most beautiful order is a heap of sweepings piled up at random.
15) Things love to conceal their true nature.
16) Those who approach life like a child playing a game, moving and pushing pieces, posses the power of kings.
17) Sea water is both pure and polluted: for fish it is drinkable and life-giving: for humans undrinkable and destructive.
18) On a circle, an end point can also be a beginning point.
19) It is disease that makes health pleasant, hunger that makes fullness good, and weariness that makes rest sweet.
20) The doctor inflicts pain to cure suffering.
21) The way up and the way down are one and the same.
22) A thing rest by changing.
23) The barley-wine drink falls apart unless it is stirred.
24) Dogs bark at what they don’t understand.
25) While we’re awake, we share one universe, but in sleep we each turn away to a world of our own.
26) Donkeys prefer garbage to gold.
27) Every walking animal is driven to its purpose with a whack.
28) There is a greater need to extinguish arrogance than a blazing fire.
29) Your character is your destiny.
30) The sun is new each day.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ronald MacDonald

I love Ronald MacD.
We meet for Breakfast every Sunday.
I will get a balloon and have pan cakes.
I want to dress like Ronald.
My favourite colour for clothes is yellow and red.
And my favorite shoes are red.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My trip to Vivo City

This week, we have 2 days of public holiday in Singapore. Daddy brought me to a brand new shopping centre called "Vivo city".

It has many shops and mommy had a great time looking at the various fashion outlets. There are many great outdoor fountains. There is one with a shallow pool where children can splash around and have great fun in. There is a great view of the sea and we can see Sentosa and many boats leaving the harbour from here.
But the most fun I had was at TOYS R US!!!!
That is where I met Butterscotch. The most beautiful horse in the world.
She has the most beautiful fur. When I pat her, she will turn her head towards me and smile.
She is the most wonderful thing I have ever met.
I look forward to seeing her again when we visit Vivo city again.